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: Essential Dance Wear :

Find any sort of essential dance attire for your dancer by CLICKING  on the links provided BELOW.

All the following are suggestions and you are more than welcome to browse online to find similar items.


Black Jazz Pants


Black Leotards -  Spaghetti Straps ( Recommended for ages 11+)

Hip Hop Sweat Pants


Black Leotards - Thick Strap

( Recommended for ages under 11)


Black Split Sole Jazz 

Tan Split Sole Jazz

Lyrical Foot Thong (Optional)

Black Hip Hop Shoes (Converse)

Pink Ballet Shoes


Flesh Colored / Clear Strap Leotards

Knee Pads (Optional)

Leg Warmers ( Optional)

: Extreme Dance London SWAP SHOP :
Starting this year we are promoting our very own "Swap Shop" where we encourage our students to swap out-grown clothing and shoes with other students in need, thus providing efficiency and saving money. Click HERE to visit the Swap Shop Page and leave a message! Thank You :)
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