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: Extreme Dance London - Dress Code Policy :

​Dress Code


Hip-Hop:   Black sweat pants, black sneakers/ trainers (black Converse is preferred), tank or t-shirt, hair up (girls)
Jazz:  Black jazz pants, tan slip on split-sole jazz shoes, tank, hair up
Super Technique:  Dance shorts, tank/ tight fitted top or leotard, foot thongs, hair up
Ballet:   Black leotard, pink convertible tights, pink split-sole ballet shoes, hair in a bun
Lyrical:   Dance shorts or jazz pants, tank/ tight-fitted top or leotard, foot thongs or tan slip on split-sole jazz shoes, hair up

(Please refer to our ESSENTIAL DANCEWEAR page to make sure your child has the correct attire) 

Appropriate hairstyles, dance clothes & shoes are required for all classes.  Baggy clothing masks bad habits, making corrections impossible. Teachers must be able to see a dancer’s alignment. Students are reminded to be prepared with stirrup leg warmers and Thera Bands as they may be used for Super Technique classes. Also bring knee pads are beneficial for Hip Hop classes, but are not compulsory. 



Compliance with our dress code places students on a common ground, reducing peer pressure, creating an atmosphere of teamwork, and increasing personal pride and self-esteem.

Click on any image to left to go directly to our ESSENTIAL DANCE WEAR section.
You can follow links to purchase items needed for your Dancers Classes. 
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