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: Extreme Dance London - SWAP SHOP :
Starting this year we are promoting our very own "Swap Shop" where we encourage our students to swap out-grown clothing and shoes with other students in need, thus providing efficiency and saving money.  Please feel free below to post "items for donation" information below and arrange with fellow students and parents. Please remember to include size, item description and name.   Thank You :)
Please Note! If you are viewing this Swap-Shop page on a Desk-top PC or Mac system or tablet such as an iPad, the Swap-Shop MessageBoard works very well. But at the moment, if you are viewing this on a mobile phone the message-board comment posts section will not currently be visable (below) as the 'widget' doesnt work for the mobile phone as yet. (So far we've tested it on the iPhone. Please let us know via CONTACT if you find it works for you on another type of mobile.)
If you cannot see the messageboard below and you would like to contact us about any items you may have for the Swap-Shop, then simply hit CONTACT US and let us know. We can then post the details here on your behalf.   Thanks :)
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