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Throughout the past decade we have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and welcome many families to our Extreme Dance London dance family. Our past and current dance families are happy to share their amazing experience with Extreme Dance London.

"Anna loved being a part of XDL. Everyone at XDL was great to her and so encouraging and supportive. Anna started dancing relatively late and with XDL's helpmate tremendous progress, both technically and in terms of confidence. We miss the XDL team greatly!"

- P. Boeckman, 2015 -2016


"Our daughter, Kate, danced with Alex for 6 years. Extreme Dance London is her favorite after school activity. Alex Turner and her team taught Kate a great deal about dance, teamwork, and body awareness. We cannot thank them enough for their kindness, dance knowledge, and flexibility. Extreme Dance London is the premier dance studio in London and the end of the year showcase demonstrates that. 

- J. Sheehan, 2010 -2016


"Rachel has simply loved being a part of the XDL community and is looking forward to her upcoming 3rd year. Alex and Selena's encouraging, caring, and supportive coaching style have given Rachel the confidence and courage to take risks, learn new skills and believe in herself. Rachel's technical skills have progressed leaps and bounds in a very short period of time across so many different styles of dance. We love being a part of the XDL family. We continue to be impressed with what Rachel and the rest of the XDL dancers achieve"

- K. Furst, 2017- Now

"We miss Extreme Dance London very much!! I believe Extreme Dance London choreography is just world-class, and it'll be impossible to find anything with similar quality anywhere else"

- A. Ashurov, 2014 - 2016

"Extreme Dance London is such a unique and special place to train as a dancer. There is constant encouragement and support and you are always pushed to be your best. Over the past two years Extreme has helped me to grow into a confident performer, so thank you for everything."

- L. Mundy, 2017 - 2019, Former Student & Graduate '19

Breathe 2018

Are you a PAST or CURRENT XDL family or student? Please share your experience at XDL by emailing us!

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