1. Arrive to classes 5 - 10 mins early

2. Be prepared. Make sure to have the correct attire on, including hair pulled away from your dancer's face.

3. Students are reminded to use the toilets before and after classes.

4. NO food or soft drinks in the studios, ONLY water bottles made with plastic bottles.

5. Please place all belongings neatly at the back of the class

6. NO leaning against the mirrors.

7. Parents and unauthorised adults are NOT allowed in the studios without the Director's permission.

8. Be ready to learn and stay focused 

9. Students are NOT allowed to leave the studio without the teacher's permission. 

10. Phones MUST be turned onto silent or airplane mode. Students are NOT permitted use their phones during classes unless for emergencies.


1. Parents are advised to Drop Off their child/ren at the Seymour Leisure Centre lobby area.

2. Students will be allowed through the turnstiles by a member of Seymour Leisure Centre

3. Students are NOT allowed in the studios without an XDL teacher.

4. If your student arrives early, please make sure they wait outside the studios until a teacher allows them to enter.

5. If your child is early and has a carer, please make sure your carer stays with your child until classes start.


1. Students are politely reminded that the Seymour Leisure Centre changing rooms are public areas.

2. Students are advised NOT leave any belongings in the Changing Room lockers, and to take everything with them to the studios.

3. Students are NOT allowed to 'hang around' or 'socialise' in the changing areas out of respect to the members of Seymour Leisure Centre.


1. Parents are required to inform us of any known absences at the beginning of the term, ie. School Trips, Doctors appointments etc.

2. If your child has a minor illness we encourage parents to send them to class to sit and observe rather than miss the class all together.

3. Students with injuries are required to provide a doctor's note and to keep the Director updated with the healing process.

4. Students who are absent up to 3 classes per term are required to arrange a private lesson to get caught up.

5. We do NOT tolerate any absences up to a month before our Show as it is unfair for our teachers and other students as they prepare for the event.


1. Extreme Dance London is NOT responsible for any belongings left at Seymour Leisure Centre. 

2. We advise to contact Seymour Leisure Centre's Front Desk as soon as possible.

3. To avoid any missing items, please make sure your child labels ALL of their dance wear.


1. Students are dismissed by our teachers at the end of the class

2. Students are advised to take all belongings outside studios upon being dismissed

3. Students must NOT crowd the hallways, and are advised to stay to the right side of the hallway


1. For your child's health and safety, they are required to 'cover up' after classes, ie. using sweaters or sweatpants to cover dance attire. This is for your dancer to avoid getting cold and/or sick after classes.

2. Students and Parents are required to NOT block any exits

3. Parents picking up their child are required to arrive and wait in the lobby area up to 5 -10mins before classes finish.

4. XDL teachers are permitted to wait up to 10 mins with your child after classes are finished. If you are running late please notify us immediately.

5. Students under 14 years old are required to have adult supervision (aged 21+) in order to be picked up.

6. Students waiting for parents must wait inside the building with either an XDL teacher or an authorised adult.

7. Students ages 14-16 are allowed to go home without any adult supervision, but ONLY with their parents written permission at the start of the school year. Please note that Parents will be fully responsible.