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Our annual show will take place on Sunday April 30th 2017 at The Shaw Theatre. The Shaw Theatre is located at:

100-110 Euston Road, London NW1 2AJ, adjacent to the Pullman St. Pancras Hotel. 


The day of the show is an all-day affair for the dancers, as we need to run both a tech rehearsal and a dress rehearsal before the show.   Arrival times will be staggered, starting about 10 am.  Our youngest performers will arrive last.


Parent volunteers have been crucial to the success of our shows.  We are so fortunate to have had such amazing help.  To help on our next show, please download a volunteer form from the website and return the completed form by email no later than January 31, 2016. 

Parent volunteers will have the chance to purchase their tickets one day before the general sales as a concession


Certified chaperones will be hired to look after your performer upon arrival to the theater and throughout the day until the end of the show.  This is a legal requirement. 


Tickets can be purchased through a designated parent volunteer.  Tickets are NOT available for purchase through the theater box office.  Please invite and treat your friends and family members to watch and give support to your dancer when they perform.


We make every effort to keep the cost of each show costume around £40. As soon as costume selections are finalized, we will notify parents of the exact costs.  Parent volunteers will collect costume payments and distribute the costumes to the dancers. Costumes cannot be distributed unless payment has been received. If a costume needs minor alterations, we recommend taking your garment to a local dry cleaners or tailor. Sometimes we do have parents who assist with costuming and they may be able to help as well.


Flash photography is prohibited during the show, as it is distracting and hazardous. To capture the day’s excitement from the tech rehearsal through the final performance, we will have a professional photographer at the theatre.  Photos may be purchased directly from the photographer’s easy and efficient website. The show will also be filmed professionally.  DVDs will be available for purchase in either NSTC or PAL format.

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