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Want to Join our XDL Competitive Youth Company?

Email us your interest TODAY!

Our next dance season starts in September 2020

All CURRENT and INTERESTED members are required to audition for the upcoming season. 

NEW members are required to book an assessment private lesson before auditioning.

Our Youth Company Auditions are held in a workshop environment. The Auditions are broken down into three areas: centre work, across the floor and choreography.

Each successful member is carefully selected based on their TECHNIQUE, PERFORMANCE, MUSICALITYand PASSION for dance, training and being a part of an award-winning team.  

It is mandatory for ALL candidates to register their interests before attending our Youth Company Auditions.

Thanks! Message sent.



3.What should a candidate wear for the Auditions?

All candidates are required to wear comfortable and tight fitting dance wear and bring all dance shoes. Hair must be pulled away from the dancer's face.

6.When can I register my interest to audition? 

You can register your interest anytime before the audition date. Make sure to email us!

7.What if I missed the Audition date?

Not to worry! You can still email us your interest to arrange a private audition.

1.Who can attend the Auditions?

Girls and boys aged 6 to 18 can attend the auditions. All levels, from novice to advanced, are welcome! 

5.When are results announced?

All candidates will be emailed their results up to 2 weeks after the audition date.

2.Where and when are the Auditions? 

Our Youth Company Auditions are held in a studio setting. Audition dates vary every year, please email us for further updated information.

4.Is there an Audition Fee?

There is a small audition fee to help cover some costs to facilitate our auditions. Fees are confirmed to all interested candidates attending the auditions.

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