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Our Competitive Youth Company program is designed for dedicated dancers looking to take their training to the next level.

All successful Youth Company members will receive a contract at the start of the season. Both Parents and Members are to read and comply with our Youth Company policies.

Being a member of any Youth Company is a privilege as each member proudly represents Extreme Dance London. Our Youth Companies commitments are similar to that of a sports team, as we value excellent team work and promote a healthy competitive environment.

1. Members must attend ALL compulsory classes and rehearsals. Parents are responsible in informing us of any major illnesses or injuries.

2. Members are expected to uphold our school policies at all times.

3. Promote Extreme Dance London positively in our classes and at events. 

4. Be proactive in their learning and dance training

5. Motivate and inspire other dancers

6. Respect teachers and other members at all times

7. Arrive to classes and rehearsals 5-10mins early

8. It is compulsory for all members to wear their Youth Company attire.

XDL Youth Company POLICY


XDL Youth Company DRESS CODE

It is compulsory for ALL members to follow our Youth Company Dress Code at all times. 


- GRAY Team XDL Jacket *

- BLACK Team XDL Leggings *

- BLACK plain Dance Shorts

- BLACK Team Tank Top

- Youth Company Leotard

- Tan Jazz Shoes & Tan Split Sole Shoes *


- GRAY Team XDL Jacket *

- GRAY Team XDL Leggings *

- BLACK plain Dance Shorts 

- BLACK Team Tank Top

- Tan Jazz Shoes & Tan Split Sole Shoes *

Hair must be slicked back into a neat ponytail for ALL rehearsals. Hair for events & competitions will be specified to all members at a later date.



1.How many companies can a member join?

Members may be placed into a maximum of three youth companies based on ability and dedication to train and perform. This varies each term.

2. What are the compulsory classes for a Youth Company member?

Assigned Youth Company rehearsals, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary and Jazz/ Supertech. Acro and/or gymnastics is optional but hugely beneficial.

3. How many performance events do members attend throughout the dance season?

Team XDL attends to two compulsory competitions, two optional competitions and our end of year show.

4. When is your competition season?

Our competition season varies each season, however our peak season is March - May.

5. Are there any additional rehearsals?

We do our best to avoid any unnecessary rehearsals. However in order to best prepare our teams ahead of any competitions and events, some rehearsals are very much needed. These additional rehearsals will be compulsory, therefore all members must attend.

6. Who arranges travel/ accommodation for out of town events?

Parents/ Legal guardians are responsible in booking any accommodation and travel. Extreme Dance London will provide suggestions ahead of time.

7. Can we request a role, ie. Solo, Duet etc?

Competitive roles are handed out via the Director and cannot be requested. 

8. How can we purchase our Youth Company Attire?

Parents will receive a order form at the beginning of the term. It is the members and parents responsibility to make sure their attire is in good condition. 

9. How many routines does each Youth Company learn?

Each Youth Company learns a minimum of two routines and are expected to perform both routines at our compulsory events. 

10. What if a member is not complying to all the Youth Company requirements?

Each member is responsible to maintain a high standard of technique and training. If a member does not comply with our Youth Company requirements due to other scheduling conflicts they cannot change, ie. religious studies or academic studies, they will need to arrange regular private lessons to stay on the same page as the rest of the team. If the circumstance has a minor but obvious effect on the team, the Director may review the commitment level with the member and parent to find a workable solution. If the circumstances remain unchanged and is jeopardising the team, the member may be placed on preliminary or dismissed from Team XDL and will be asked to re-audition at a later date.

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